Problems and Solutions for Eye Makeup & Oily Skin

Even after using the best foundation for oily skin, your makeup problems may not be completely solved. One issue on your mind these days is probably eye makeup for oily skin. With so much emphasis on eye makeup these days, ensuring your own is flawless is a major concern. To help you avoid any problems with eye makeup & oily skin, here are some solutions to common issues:

My Oily Skin Causes Lines and Creases on the Fold of my Eyelid

This is a tricky eye makeup oily skin problem which many women suffer from.

To avoid this, use foundation and pressed powder on your eyelids before applying anything.

Next, use only pressed powder eye shadow and eye pencil.

I’m Not Getting the Advertised Results of my Eye Makeup for Oily Skin

Well, the main reason you may not be enjoying the benefits of the best eye makeup oily skin products is because you do not know how to apply the products.

Follow these three steps for the best oily skin eye makeup:

•        Prepare your face before you apply your eye makeup oily skin products by cleansing, moisturizing and mattifying. Make sure the products you use are oil free and designed for oily skin.

•        Apply powder foundation and some finishing powder with a concealer over your eyelids.

•        Dab your lids with eye shadow that complements your makeup.

I Use a Liquid Eye Shadow which is Known for Oil Control, but I Still Shine

Unfortunately, many women fall victim for the tags makeup companies use on their products.

Liquid and cream eye makeup products may be tempting with their oil free and oil control formula, but you need to remember that these eye shadows will eventually mix with the oils of your skin and break down. Instead of these, always choose loose powder or pressed powder oily skin eye makeup. These products won’t fail you once applied.

My Foundation Feels Heavy but I Have to Wear it for My Eye Makeup

Two solutions for this problem:

•        Use an Eye Shadow Primer – Primers prevent your eye shadow from creasing once set with finishing powder. However, make sure the primer you choose is oil-free.

•        Airbrush Foundation – Airbrush foundation is a wonderful product which sits lightly and stays on your skin without sinking into your pores. Companies such as Dinair produce high quality foundations at reasonable prices. You can even get your own airbrush to use at home.

So, if you’ve been suffering from these eye makeup & oily skin problems, just implement their solutions and make eye makeup woes history.

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