5 Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

If you’re prone to breakouts and other common skin disasters, it’s essential to follow certain tried and tested makeup tips for oily skin. Your oily skin is actually a blessing due to its propensity to age slower. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the everyday hassles that accompany this blessing. But, there are easy and surefire ways to eliminate these problems.

Oily Skin Makeup Tip #1

You need to invest in water-based makeup. It’s less likely to irritate your skin and cause acne. Using the airbrush method, such as Dinair, is a great option because all their products are water-based and hypoallergenic.

Oily Skin Makeup Tip #2

If you have oily skin, what you really need is a matte makeup finish look. Using dry powder rarely achieves this result. You’re more likely to end up with cracked makeup before the day is through, that is if the makeup lasts that long. To achieve that perfect matte finish, you need the Dinair Airbrush Kit. In just 5 minutes, you’ll achieve that velvety look you desire with only a natural glow. This is one of the most useful makeup tips for oily skin!

Oily Skin Makeup Tip #3

Another thing to remember is to carry your makeup with you all the time. Dinair’s makeup compressor is portable and you can carry it with in its own little pouch. Although there’s very little chance that your airbrush makeup is going to wipe off on its own, it’s always best to have your makeup kit handy for emergencies. This is one of those makeup tips for oily skin that can apply to people for any skin type.

Oily Skin Makeup Tip #4

When buying foundation, make sure to get it in a shade lighter than your skin tone. This is because the oil in your skin darkens your makeup as the day goes on. Also be sure all the makeup products you use are compatible with one another. So it’s best if you stick with one line, such as Dinair. This is one of those makeup tips for oily skin that can help avoid disastrous makeup combinations.

Oily Skin Makeup Tip #5

The makeup should be easy to remove. Some makeup for oily skin is long lasting at the cost of requiring a very strong makeup remover. This makeup remover can sometimes contain alcohol and other irritants that cause your skin to erupt. What you need is makeup that comes off with soap and water. Dinair’s products are a natural choice for this.

With these easy makeup tips for oily skin you can achieve a great look. There are tricks you can perform to enhance your looks, but in the end it boils down to having the right products. If you choose to invest in Dinair Airbrush Makeup products, the end result won’t let you down.

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